WizardsSomehow I was saddled with the Wiz Kids even though I have a bet with a friend that the Lakers (my favorite squad) will end up with a better regular season record than the John Walls Wizards…  At the time of writing this post the Wizards have somehow managed to climb to a .500 record FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOUR YEARS.  If that isn’t reason enough to pay attention to this crew, you need to have your head checked.  The Wizards have managed to go 7-2 after a very poor 2-7 start, and now hold the 3rd spot in a very top heavy, and otherwise yet sad, Eastern Conference.



It may be true that there is only 5 games separating them from the bottom of the barrel, but that is neither here nor there.

I will be very honest that I watched the Wiz Kids initially only due to a certain John Wall who already owns 8 double-doubles this season, but trust me there is a whole bunch more to enjoy.

So why else and who else should I be watching?

1) Bradley Freakin’ Beal – You may not be aware (if you live under a rock) that Beal leads the Wiz Kids in scoring, 3pt percentage, and minutes.  The young man is currently sitting out a two week stretch thanks to a leg injury, but when he gets going he is as good as it gets for them.  And with him sitting out, Wall becomes that much more reckless and fun to watch.

2) Marcin Gortat – Strictly because he is a silly big man who can rip a towel like none other, and the below.



3) The fact that Otto Porter is set to finally make his debut.  Otto who?  Check out below for some Georgetown highlights, and you can bet your ass he will be a fan favorite… Otto will give the Kids a huge boost when he returns.

4) I couldn’t resist…