Disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is priming for a new career, no not crack dealer, he’s making his debut as a sports broadcaster. The Mayor will join the radio show “The Sports Junkies” (the sh*t just writes itself) on 106.7 “The Fan” for a weekly segment. Ford, an avid sports enthusiast is scheduled to appear on the Washington D.C. radio station at 8:40 a.m. on Thursday. I’m sure they will discuss topics that Ford is familiar with such as the NFL, Maple Leafs, Lamar Odom, Doc Gooden, and Lawrence Taylor.

In other Rob Ford news, the mayor took a photo with Hell’s Angels members at the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday. Ford has gone on the defensive saying he had no idea that they were part of the controversial motorcycle gang and he takes pictures with anyone. Maybe a Rob Ford cameo on Sons of Anarchy?