Alabama kicker Cade Foster missed all three of his field goal attempts on Saturday and was pulled from the game in favor of freshman Adam Griffith, allowing Auburn to pull out the win. The much-maligned kicker was brutally slammed with harsh comments and even death threats on Twitter after the game. The reactions were completely barbaric and we felt bad for the young man until we realized that he may have a gorgeous, young girlfriend. Barstool reported that beautiful Callie Smith is indeed Foster’s lady friend. Callie is an Alabama student in the Class of 2015 where she is studying Telecommunications. The sexy coed is from Kentucky and is currently interning at WVUA TV. As you can see Callie loves the sorority life and is of course an actress/model. Enjoy the delightful pics of Callie and you’ll be able to go to bed easy tonight knowing that Foster is possibly dating this sexy lady.