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Rudy Gay Gets Denied At The Rim Brutally By Timofey Mozgov

Timofey Mozgov was not about to let Rudy Gay turn him into a poster on Sunday, and the result was a reverse poster which was just nasty and slightly hard to watch. THOU SHALL NOT PASS!

[Beyond The Buzzer]

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  1. […] the video courtesy of Next Impulse Sports, Mozgov meets Rudy Gay at the rim with force, and gets a nice strong block on the Raptors […]

  2. […] worth mentioning that this isn’t the first ferocious block of Mozgov’s career. He sent Rudy Gay tumbling to the floor last season on a vicious block of a dunk attempt. Also, it’s not like Mozgov has never Mozgov’d an […]