Hey guys, remember WWE superstar Daniel Bryan challenged Oakland A’s outfielder Josh Reddick to a beard-off?

But of course you do. And when Reddick accepted Bryan’s challenge?

Yes, yes indeed.

What about that time when everyone thought Reddick’s beard reached disgusting proportions and needed to be shaved? I sure as hell don’t because beards are awesome and bless Josh Reddick for telling the haters to kick rocks.

Reddick and Bryan spent the last seven months pitting their grizzliness (a word made up just for this occasion) against one another in order to prove just who is lumberjack enough to emerge the victor of #BEARDOFF 2013. Alas, Bryan’s brawny bristles vanquished Reddick’s robust ruff and the loser was subject to public hubeardliation by having his mane shaved by none other than the victor himself.

No word on how Reddick trained for the event but Bryan embarked on a quest to seek out the finest and most rugged beard growers in the world for tips on how to defeat Reddick. It worked.

Disclaimer: BEARDOFF 2013 donated absolutely no money to charity and both Reddick and Bryan somehow gained the ability to rip redwood trees out of the ground with their bare hands. Also, both participants beard hairs are now used as a fertility drug and aphrodisiac in some eastern cultures.

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