Columbia may produce students with world-class intelligence but Michigan State’s student section proved otherwise. On TWO separate occasions the ‘Izzone’ goaded the Lions into a shot clock violation by counting down from the wrong time, frustrating Columbia’s coach and making his players look like fools.

According to a student in attendance:

“Izzone member here. In the first half of the game we start counting down from 6 when the shot clock says 10. In the second half we start counting down from 10 when the shot clock says 6. It fools more teams then (sic) you would think.”

The joke was nearly on Michigan State, though, because Columbia almost pulled off a huge upset. They led for most of the second half, but ultimately the soon-to-be #1 Spartans pulled away for a 62-53 victory.

Needless to say, we know what Columbia is going to spend some extra time working on in practice.