LeBron And Iggy: A Year In Giving Courtside-Sitting White Guys The Cold Shoulder

Well, isn’t this serendipitous. Video of Andre Iguodala leaving courtside fans at Oracle Arena hanging has been spreading like wildfire today, and it reminded me of a precious moment following a TNT Thursday night game last season. Turns out, that game was exactly one year ago (November 15th, 2012), a matchup between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets. After downing the Nuggets 98-93, LeBron James went over to give love to some courtside-seated dudes, and left this poor fella — dressed in his best rich-guy-trying-way-too-hard Robert Graham duds — hanging in brutal fashion:

LeBronLess than a month later, this poor Redskins Bro got the rare double cold shoulder from both LeBron and Robert Griffin III (Sean Taylor jerseys and $1,000 courtside seats don’t get you love from RG3, apparently):

LeBronIt’s almost as if Iggy knew it was the one-year (minus one day) anniversary of LeBron leaving that Nuggets fan hangin’:

iggylefthangin[all .gifs via @cjzero]