Well, isn’t this serendipitous. Video of Andre Iguodala leaving courtside fans at Oracle Arena hanging has been spreading like wildfire today, and it reminded me of a precious moment following a TNT Thursday night game last season. Turns out, that game was exactly one year ago (November 15th, 2012), a matchup between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets. After downing the Nuggets 98-93, LeBron James went over to give love to some courtside-seated dudes, and left this poor fella — dressed in his best rich-guy-trying-way-too-hard Robert Graham duds — hanging in brutal fashion:

LeBronLess than a month later, this poor Redskins Bro got the rare double cold shoulder from both LeBron and Robert Griffin III (Sean Taylor jerseys and $1,000 courtside seats don’t get you love from RG3, apparently):

LeBronIt’s almost as if Iggy knew it was the one-year (minus one day) anniversary of LeBron leaving that Nuggets fan hangin’:

iggylefthangin[all .gifs via @cjzero]