Rasheed WallaceRasheed Wallace hasn’t been a member of the Portland Trailblazers (and, by extension, officially a Portland resident) since 2004, and now calls Michigan home — but the Tax Man doesn’t care where you lay your head. According to KATU, ‘Sheed still owns a 9,000 square-foot mansion in Southwest Portland, for which he owes exactly $150,334 in property taxes.

Multnomah County records show that Wallace, who made $80 million during his time with the Trailblazers, hasn’t made a tax payment since 2011, and that there are multiple liens against the property. After six years of non-payment, the county can auction the property. A neighbor told KATU that the house has been vacant for awhile, and a remodeling job was never completed.

Wallace is currently an assistant coach for the Detroit Pistons, who were in Rip City on Monday to face the Trailblazers. A reporter attempted to ask Wallace about the unpaid taxes, but was rebuffed by Pistons public relations staff.