Friday’s 2nd annual Armed Forces Classic at Camp Humphreys in South Korea will feature some dope jerseys worn by Oregon and Georgetown. According to Rob Dauster of College Basketball Talk, there’s also some extra info on these uni’s to make them all the more interesting:

For those that don’t know, Nike bigwig Phil Knight loves Oregon, so both the basketball team and the football always get awesome new gear — shoes, jerseys, socks, wristbands, I bet they even get next generation dri-fit boxers that us commonfolk can’t even imagine yet.

Dominic Artis and Ben Carter have been suspended for this game, and eight others, for selling some of that limited edition footwear, which can fetch a couple of thousand bucks from sneakerheads, the serious collectors that treat shoes like that as if they are made out of solid gold.

Can’t wait to see these bad boys live.