The New England Patriots invited several member of the 2013 Boston Red Sox to Gillette Stadium this past Sunday to honor their World Series championship prior to kickoff against the Pittsburgh Steelers. More than a half-dozen Sox players showed up, and multiple Patriots players were quite astonished by how small they were in person.

Fortunately for us, Bill Belichick was mic’d up before the game and we got to hear some of the chatter about those baseball midgets.

Josh McDaniels: “They’re tiny.”

Bill Belichick: “Oh, I know…they’re little.”

JM: “It’s unbelievable.”

BB: “Pedroia is like 150 pounds.”

JM: “Victorino is like 20 pounds less than Amendola.”

Even Tom Terrific got in on the joke.

Tom Brady: “They must be going, ‘Geez, these guys are huge!’”

Bill Belichick: “They’re so little.”

Does this count as bullying? Are all NFL players just big, mean jerks who pick on the smaller guys? Do we need an internal investigation here?