Referees missed what should have been a game-winning goal for the San Jose Sharks in last night’s matchup between the Sharks and Buffalo Sabres. As you can see in the GIF above, a shot from a Sharks player in OT rang the post and caromed back towards Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller before another San Jose player was able to poke it into the net.

Though the puck clearly crossed the line, Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers quickly cleared it from inside the net and the referees never saw it. Here’s the damning evidence that proves the Sharks got hosed:


While it’s understandable that the refs may have missed the split-second goal in the heat of the action, what’s unbelievable is that nobody thought it would be a good idea to review the play…especially in an overtime situation. The Sharks didn’t ask for a review and the play never went to the war room in Toronto because the referees didn’t find anything questionable.

In the end, it came back to bite the Sharks, as they lost to the Sabres in a shootout.