Chicago Bears fans don’t like Greenbay Packers fans. Greenbay Packers fans don’t like Chicago Bears fans. So why in the world would Bears fan John Grant marry a Packers fan is beyond me.

From the Chicago Tribune:

John M. Grant, 42, of Tinley Park and his wife watched the Bears beat the Packers Monday night at Sidelines Tap in Mayville, Wis., according to police. Grant told police he and his wife made a bet that he could use a Taser on her if the Bears won. The two were in the alley smoking a cigarette at one point when Grant used the Taser “two times on her buttocks,” according to a criminal complaint filed in Dodge County, Wis. Grant’s wife then called police. Grant was charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon.

Despite previous reports, it turns out that a taser gun is not a marital aid in Wisconsin.