In today’s episode of “NBA Players Being Dicks”, we have three fine examples of troll-ish behavior — all from Tuesday night. First up is Dennis Schroeder of the Atlanta Hawks, who put the “dick” in “NBA Players Being Dicks” with this shot to DeMarcus Cousins’ Man Zone. A retaliatory move by Cousins garnered him the second slot on our list, after this shove of Al Horford (Horford did sell it at the end, but still, grow up, DMC):

dmcshoveHowever, top honors go to LeBron James, the victim of a vicious Jonas Valanciunas dunk earlier in the game. After Miami quit messing around early on, they held a 99-90 lead over the Toronto Raptors with 1:20 to play. And that’s when LeBron went to work. And by “work” we mean dance a little jig to the arena music, before dishing to Ray Allen for a game-sealing three-point dagger:

LeBron JamesThe dance moves earned LeBron a healthy dose of boos from the Toronto crowd, which he eventually responded to via finger gun salute, once the Heat had wrapped up a 104-95 victory:

LeBron James[@corkgaines, @carmichaeldave]