If you are an internet NBA junkie, you have probably seen the idea for the “NBA Championship Belt” floating around the internet. If you have not, get ready to care about the regular season.

The championship belt starts with the previous year’s NBA champion, the Miami Heat. The belt is then passed whenever the owner loses. The 76ers are current owners of the belt after they beat the Heat last Wednesday. They are still undefeated after beating the Wizards and Bulls over the weekend.

The idea came from Reddit user hckygod91 and it looks to have gained some internet momentum. Check out NBAChampionshipBelt.com for the latest standings.  There currently is no physical belt, but I hope David Stern creates one before retires.

I’m hoping this idea catches on because it gives hardcore fans of less-than-stellar teams something to cheer for and brag about.

So, good on you 76ers. Own that belt.


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[Screenshot from NBA Championship Belt]