Because it’s 2013 and everyone and their mother is using social media, the Atlanta Falcons’ official mascot, Freddie Falcon, has his own Twitter account. On Sunday afternoon, Freddie didn’t use his best judgement when it came time to tweet about a suicide prevention walk that he participated in earlier in the day.

From FTW:

The Twitter account of the Atlanta Falcons mascot apologized Sunday for a tweet that jokingly referred to committing suicide because of the team’s 2-6 record.

Earlier in the day, Freddie Falcon walked in the 10th annual Out of The Darkness Walk, put on by the Atlanta chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Following the Falcons’ loss to the Carolina Panthers, the following message was posted to the mascot’s Twitter account:


The tweet was quickly deleted and the giant bird later apologized for the mistake in judgement.

Let this be an example for all the other Twitter mascots out there…it’s okay to poke fun at your team for sucking something awful this season, but you probably shouldn’t use suicide as the punchline.