Welp, you knew videos like this were coming. After the Red Sox won their first World Series at home in nearly a century, fans spilled out onto the streets of Boston and rioted like you’d expect them to. Here’s video of an extra rowdy group flipping over one unlucky person’s poor car.

And, hey, look…they even took the time to pose for pictures on top of said car. Because nothing says “I’m a smart person!” like going out of your way to pose for incriminating evidence.


A local news station in Boston also decided to interview these two absolutely wasted Sox fans about their experience inside of the park during Game 6. That was probably not such a great idea.

One kid drops a big f-bomb on air, while the other one delivers an absolutely golden quote – including “I’ve been alive since probably 1988…I’ve been watching the Sox since ’88 and I haven’t seen them win in Game 6.”


But these are the kind of things you have to expect to happen when a team wins their first championship at home in nearly a century. Boston deserved this one.