In case you missed it, here’s a little backstory on this: during Tuesday night’s TNT NBA double-header, Inside The NBA‘s A-squad (Ernie & Co.) were broadcasting from an outdoor set in New York City, while the B-squad of (host) Matt Winer, Steve Smith, Chris Webber and the recently retired Grant Hill took care of in-game highlight duties back in the Atlanta studio. During halftime of the Bulls-Heat game, Webber filled in for Kenny Smith on the regular halftime feature, “Kenny’s Pictures” — a brief highlight reel that requires Kenny to jog to the back of the set and post up in front of a giant screen.

Kenny’s jogging form has a noticeable hitch in its step — a motion Webber took great pleasure in mocking. Fast forward to Thursday night, and halftime of the Bulls-Knicks game. Ernie first showed a replay of Webber’s Kenny impression, after which Kenny claimed he’d take the high road. Of course, that lasted about three seconds, as Kenny immediately hit C-Webb with the lowest of low blows, first calling “TIMEOUT!” on his way to the screen, then yelling “TIMEOUT!” each time he wanted the video paused.

Adding insult to injury, Kenny of course brought up the fact it was his North Carolina Tar Heels that beat Webber’s Michigan Wolverines in the 1993 NCAA championship game, when Webber called his infamous timeout. Considering that timeout (by the way, we’ve always thought “Chris Webber’s Timeout” would have made for a great segment name on Inside) has never been brought up in all of Webber’s years on TNT and NBATV (that we know of, at least), it’s probably still a sore subject. So, it remains to be seen what happens next between these two.