LeBron JamesTo help celebrate the unveiling of LeBron James’ latest sneaker on Sunday, Nike commissioned Lou La Vie Exotic Car Rentals to customize a Lamborghini Aventador to match the shoe’s green motif (our reaction: WOOF!).

Obviously, the shoe release party was a one-time affair, which meant Nike had no use for the car past Sunday. But that’s not stopping Miami-based Lou La Vie, which is looking to cash in on the paint job that honors South Beach’s most beloved athlete (well, beloved until he leaves Miami, at which point Heat fans will stop caring about both LeBron and basketball again…but I digress…). Aventadors normally rent for $4,000/day, so this one is quite a bit pricier, but we have to say: if you have the money to blow on an Aventador rental, you should probably just buy one — and preferably not one that looks like somebody vomited palm trees all over it.