The Simpsons are going to be a major part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup marketing campaign. Fans will have an opportunity to buy some unique Simpsons-themed soccer merchandise.

From Fox Sports:

Soccer fans worldwide will be able to own a range of products with such participating club teams, including FC Barcelona, FC Zenit St. Petersburg, Corinthians and Boca Juniors, that also feature The Simpsons branding. Each participating team’s merchandise will also include never-before-created “Simpsonized” versions of its main roster, transformed into custom characters as part of the entire line of products.

There will also be a special World Cup episode entitled ” You Don’t Have To Live Like a Referee.”

I love the Simpsons and I love the World Cup, but I have mixed feelings if this marketing campaign. I’d love to see the guy in the boardroom who said, “You know what the World Cup needs? The Simpsons.”

Did that person ever see this episode?