The infamous New York Jets fan who belted a New England Patriots female fan is allegedly 38-year-old Kurt Paschke from Long Island, NY. The man who has been villafied for punching a woman has a history of violence, including stabbing a man to death. Paschke served only three years for the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old Henri Ferrer during a fight behind a pizza parlor in 1992. Many believe that the light sentence was because his father was a Suffolk County cop.

Paschke’s mom has defended her son, claiming that the Patriots fans including two women are the ones that started the brawl. She also says that it was her son that jumped in to break up the fight, “He just went over to, just pull them off, you know, the guy and the girl, and that’s when they grabbed my son and started punching him.” Colleen Paschke added, “The one guy was holding him while the other guy was punching him.”

Paschke is a crazed Jets superfan who is the proud owner of the Jets Mobile, a mini-bus that he and his dad transformed into a green-and-white tribute to Gang Green.