St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins and Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith are not the best of friends. Smith blasted Jenkins in a vitriol-fuel post-game tirade saying, “He thinks he’s Deion (Sanders), he’s not.” When Smith was asked to explain his touchdown reception he responded, “I’ll let Janoris Jenkins go over it on film on Monday.” When asked if it was special for Smith to get his 800th catch against Jenkins, he obliterated the cornerback, “He’s just another notch on the bedpost. That’s 800. He ain’t no different.” Smith escalated things by saying, “So he can take his butt back to St. Louis and watch the f*cking film because I don’t play them games. And if I see him in the streets I’m going to bust him in his f*cking mouth.” When asked about his exuberant touchdown celebration he explained, “When you embarrass people, you rub it in their face. When your dog pisses on the carpet, you rub it in his face.” I don’t know why we have to bring cuddly puppies into this discussion.