Trindon Holliday is never going to live this down. The drama begun during the second quarter of tonight’s Peyton Manning Special on NBC.

First Holliday coughed up a vicious fumble, leading to a picturesque touchdown on a pass from Peyton Jr. to that guy that was supposed to be good when he played for the Raiders.

Holliday walked up and down the sidelines after the touchdown looking like a man about to redeem himself.

Holliday almost made good on his strut by taking the ensuing kick off into Colts territory with only the kicker to beat.

Except the kicker to beat was Pat McAfee and he don’t play that.



McAfee leveled Holliday with vigor and tossed the Denver talisman clear into the Lucas Oil Field Night.

A closer look reveals McAfee led with his helmet and usually that is something the NFL would like to rid the game of.

Will Pat McAfee become the first punter to ever get fined for a helmet-to-helmet? Stay tuned.