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The Best and Worst of NFL Week 7 – Morning Edition

Early Round 

CHI @ WAS: Devin Hester gets his first TD punt return in nearly two years.

GIF via @CJZero

GIF via @CJZero

CHI @ WAS: Jay Cutler got sacked, hurt & had to leave the game.


TB @ ATL: Vincent Jackson made an impressive one-handed catch for a 59-yard TD.



STL @ CAR: Tavon Austin had a great TD dance, but the score was called back thanks to a penalty.



NE @ NYJ: Rob Gronkowski is back, and his arm cast is no joke.



NE @ NYJ: Logan Ryan nabs a pick-six on Geno Smith and does Marshawn Lynch’s “hold mah dickkkk!”

GIF via @CJZero

STL @ CAR: Steve Smith scores, points at his defender, and dances.Steve Smith Celebration

STL @ CAR: Chris Long throws a punch, gets ejected, and a fan tosses a bottle at him: panthersfanthrowbottlelong

NE @ NYJ: Jets pull it out in overtime, Tom Brady weeps: Brady Struggle Face

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