We’re not going to get all political on you guys and gals (at least not today), but we’re happy this whole government shutdown thing finally ended, if only for the batshit-crazy rant one House stenographer blessed us with. After the House finished its vote, Dianne Reidy, officially a Congressional aide, took to the podium and spouted off about Freemasons, the Constitution and God, before being hauled away by security.

Unfortunately, the podium microphones weren’t hot, so the audio is tough to hear in the above video. Thankfully, Todd Willich, Washington, American Hero/D.C. correspondent for WNYC, captured the audio:

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Here’s a transcript of her tirade: “He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is that this is not one nation under God. It never was. It would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God. Praise be to Jesus.”