The Los Angeles Dodgers’ could have used their “Rally Bear” last night as they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals by the score of 4-2. However their official unofficial mascot was kicked out of Dodgers Stadium after his spirited appearance during Monday’s 3-0 win.


On Tuesday the identity of this super mascot was revealed and his name is Mark Monninger. The man behind the bear mask is a 50-year-old Dodgers fan who owns an office furniture store in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Apparently his original idea for a costume was to be a dog, thus a Dodger Dog. However none of the stores that he went to had a dog costume, but they did have a bear. And there began the journey of the Dodgers Rally Bear.

Monninger purchased his ticket for seats in front of the visitors’ dugout to maximize his exposure. Monninger wore a sweat suit over the bear costume and hid the bear head in the bottom of his backpack. During a pitching change he ran to the bathroom to alter his identity, just like Clark Kent. He returned to his seat and proceeded to perform his amazing routine on top of the roof of the Cardinals’ dugout complete with jumping and splits. These were tremendous splits for a 50-year-old man I might add.

“When you get to 50, you really start to look back and ask: ‘What have I done with my life?’” Monninger told USA TODAY Sports. Well now Morninger can say he is the man behind the Dodgers Rally Bear.