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Check Out This Chart of Every NFL Player’s Size

Reddit User Craig Booth made a nifty little chart of every NFL player’s size. You see all of these sizes on tv, but you don’t really see how much of a difference there is between positions.

A few notable things:

  • The shortest player is Broncos return specialist Trindon Holliday, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall.
  • There seems to be a “dead zone” between 275 and 300 pounds on offense.
  • Peyton Manning backup Brock Osweiler measure 6 foot 7 inches.




Booth compiled the averages for each position:

Safeties 6’0″ 207.6

Linebackers 6’2″ 246.3

Defensive Tackles 6’3″ 309.8

Defensive Ends 6’4″ 283.1

Cornerbacks 5’11” 193.4

Centers 6’3″ 306.2

Tight Ends 6’4″ 254.7

Running Backs 5’11” 215.3

Guards 6’4″ 314.5

Quarterbacks 6’3″ 223.8

Wide Receivers 6’1″ 202.6

Offensive Tackles 6’5″ 313.5

(By the way, Booth is computational astrophysicist. His website is pretty cool.)

[Reddit, via Deadspin]

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