Team Manziel is back in action.  If you don’t know the guy in the middle of the picture, that’s Johnny Manziel’s Uncle Nate Fitch, the Texas A&M quarterback’s notable sidekick who had cooled off his antics during all the NCAA autograph investigation hoopla.  And now that that stuff has cooled off, Nate has picked up the partying and recently documented a trip to Ole Miss, where he partied with the Sean Penn of college basketball, Marshall Henderson (on the right).

Henderson is one of NCAA basketball’s bad boys.

Henderson was suspended indefinitely on July 10 for violating team rules, and was had three run-ins with police in Oxford, Miss., including one stop in which Henderson was found in possession of marijuana and cocaine.  Henderson has since rejoined the team, but it appears that the partying has not stopped.

Furthermore, the two of these together makes for an interesting combo and possibly one of the baddest duos in sports.  We’re hoping for the real life version of “Entourage” where Johnny Manziel brings on a bunch of his boys and they run wild in whatever town he plays pro ball in.