And the award for most adorable couple in the world goes to: Tomas Hertl and his girlfriend Aneta Netolická, who are going to give Eric and Jessie a run for their money.  Hertl is a top prospect out of the Czech Republic and is quickly turning heads as one of the brightest young stars in hockey.  The 19-year-old blasted onto the sports scene for the San Jose Sharks last week with a four goal game against the Rangers.  As the sports world’s craze around the teen as fizzled, we’re looking to fire it back up with a little dose of love.


And thanks to our pals at Busted Coverage, we’ve been able to uncover quite possibly the flame that ignites his fire.  If not anything else, these two are just the cutest, and Netolická is a fantastic supporter of her man, evidenced by she and Hertl’s mother going bonkers over his four goal performance.


I mean, look at her!


Do you want to know the best part about their relationship?  Check out Netolická’s Twitter and who her only follower is (was).

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.40.10 PM

If that’s not love in the 21st century, I don’t know what is.

And now, in true sports blog fashion, here a few more pictures of the endearing young lady as well as the two together as a couple.