That’s the tweet that was Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward’s cry for help as he was locked in a bathroom at a Dallas hotel.  Like any smart millennial would, Ward took to Twitter to broadcast his dilemma and find a way out.

As told by Ward to the Washington Post:

I tried to come out and I flipped the switch a little bit, but it wasn’t really coming undone…I’m in panic mode because I realized the door wasn’t going to open on me. I texted Karl [Alzner] to see if he was still around.  Basically we had the whole Dallas SWAT team come in and still couldn’t open the door.

And as expected, the event came as a major delight to fellow Caps teammates.

John Carlson even documented the rescue.

And the glorious moment of relief.

So, what did we learn here?  Before you grumps out there want to completely bash technology, know that Twitter is saving lives all over the place.