Welcome to EDM’s “Jump The Shark” moment, starring Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne. I have no idea who thought this was a good idea, other than professional party girl Paris, who seems to think people give enough of a shit about her budding DJ “career” — if you’ll notice, she only “deejays” in other countries, because even she knows her fifteen minutes are up in America — that it required an entire album’s worth of headache-inducing auto-tuned vocals, beats cheesier than Cheesy Poofs, and unarguably the worst rap performance of Lil Wanye’s career (seriously, “all she knows is suck, f*ck”?).

Anyway, watch it once, just to say you did, and move on. That way, when the subject comes up at any upcoming Halloween parties, you’ll know what people are talking about. Oh, and the song and video is NSFW due to random f-bombs, including one by Paris (ooh, so edgy!).