This looks like a guy who would buy a cow.

Newly added Los Angeles Lakers big men Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre have beef which other.  No, not like that, they bought a cow, or at least the 400 pounds of beef that comes with it post-slaughter.

According to ESPN Los Angeles, condition coach Tim DiFrancesco inspired the idea and is splitting it with them three ways:

DiFrancesco, who has picked up the nickname “Grass-Fed Tim” around the team because of his belief in the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef, came up with the idea after connecting with a farm that raises grass-fed cows down in San Diego.

Kaman is getting half, 200 pounds, while Sacre and DiFrancesco are getting a quarter, 100 pounds, each.

It was originally supposed to be a four-way split, but longtime Lakers trainer Gary Vitti backed out.

Apparently, Sacre even went out and bought a brand new freezer just for the meat.  Looks like the Lakers plan on getting beefed up for the upcoming season.