Jon TafferJon Taffer is the host of not-even-secretly my favorite television show, Bar Rescue (if you’ve never seen it, start with this episode — you can thank me later). As with all reality TV, it’s neatly packaged and cleverly edited, but it gets the stamp of approval from all my bartender buddies — serious bartenders, not the good-for-nothing swill slingers you see on the show — which is all I need to know Taffer is legit.

When Taffer walks into a bar, it’s as if a tornado descended upon whatever poor soul(s) has called upon him to get their shit together. What often follows is a steady stream of crying, (sometimes) firing, (not so much) re-hiring, and a some f-bombs. Actually, a lot of f-bombs. Today, Taffer participated in a Reddit AMA, in which we found out he is to midget tossing as Al Gore is to the Internet:

Jon Taffer[BroBible]