Darko MilicicBefore we get started, we have to say that “carp fishing in central Italy” sounds like a very real threat an NBA coach might direct towards an underachieving player trying to make a roster. As in, “Hey, [Insert Scrub], if you don’t shape up, by this time next year you’ll be carp fishing in Italy!” Well, noted NBA draft bust Darko Milicic is doing exactly that. As we speak, Darko is participating in the 2013 World Carp Classic (I’d say we’re shocked that’s a real thing, but we already assumed there’s an international tournament for every type of fish), being held this year at Lake Bolsena, Italy.

Darko is no stranger to carp fishing, as the folks at Ball Don’t Lie note that the journeyman center mentioned his affinity for the sport last fall, while in camp with the Boston Celtics. Perhaps Darko has found peace in his new leisure activ…holy crap, that looks intense! (Just kidding — it’s totally not). But seriously, it appears Darko has finally found his peaceful place, and good on him. Sure, it took six teams and $52 million, but at least we got this out of the whole deal.