Alex Rodriguez’s appeal of his 211-game ban from baseball is officially underway at the MLB offices this week and, surprise surprise, there was a crowd of A-Rod supporters standing outside of the hearing pleading for justice for the Yankees third baseman.

It seems like a crazy thing to do because, well, it is. It’s not like this is A-Rod’s first strike in terms of banned substances and he likability has been plummeting exponentially over the years.

Ask around – there aren’t too many people who believe Rodriguez’s claims that he was given banned drugs when he thought he was getting legal supplements, so who are these people taking time out of their day to stand outside of the MLB building holding signs in support A-Rod?


Well, it’s worth observing that, as pointed out by a user on Twitter, most of (if not all of) these signs are written in the exact same handwriting and look very, very similar. What does this mean? Well, it likely means that the group had one central organizer who made signs for the rest to hold. Maybe it was an A-Rod superfan, or maybe it was one of A-Rod’s lawyers staging some fan support to strengthen the case for the defendant.

Knowing A-Rod’s shady past, would anyone be shocked if it were the latter? After all, Rodriguez is going to need all the help he can get at this point…even if he has to pay for it.