In what many are clamoring to be the greatest collaboration since Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, two music titans unite in this one epic music video. That’s right Lil Wayne has paired with music supernova Paris Hilton to provide you with the banger you won’t soon forget. Who is beating this dream team? You’ve got Paris Hilton’s completely processed shrill complimented by Weezy’s articulate and thought-provoking lyrics:

“I’m f*cked up … I can’t tell you what’s what.
All she know is suck, f*ck.
I walked up to a big butt, and asked her ass, “Butt, what?”

I thought it couldn’t get any worse than when Tunechi signed Limp Bizkit to Young Money and did a track with them.

God help us.

Not sure who’s more of a prostitute in this music video, the woman who allegedly released her own sex tape to garner fame or the rapper who lays down rhymes for a no-talent billionaire heiress.