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Lane Kiffin Fired (At LAX) From USC Following 62-41 Loss To Arizona State

The University of Southern California has listened to their fans’ “Fire Kiffin” chants and canned Lane Kiffin as coach of the Trojans. The details can be found on the USC website where it says that after his team lost 62-41 at Arizona State Kiffin was informed of his termination once he returned back to Los Angeles early Sunday morning by Trojan athletic director Pat Haden. You know you haven’t done a terrific job coaching when your firing can not wait until the next morning and you are dismissed in the middle of the night. Kiffin’s Trojans have lost 7 of their past 11 games including both Pac-12 games in 2013. USC is 3-2 this year and Kiffin’s overall record at USC is 28-15 in his four-year tenure. USC will hold a press conference at USC on Sunday afternoon to make the firing official.

This sums it up well…