In case you missed it late Thursday afternoon, rapper/narcissistic rage monster Kanye West unleashed a Twitter assault (ahem, TWITTER ASSAULT) against Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel quickly put to rest any notion of Kanye’s antics being part of another prank, before stepping out on the stage for the taping of Thursday night’s show. Once on stage, Kimmel proceeded to explain the situation (as best he could) and address each of Kanye’s tweets.

Kimmel didn’t apologize for anything (and rightfully so). In addition, he delivered a solid dig on Kanye’s baby momma, Kim Kardashian, responding to the tweet “JIMMY KIMMEL PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES … OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH GOOD PUSSY IN YOUR LIFE…” with “I’ve seen the video. I know” (oooooooh, BURNSAUCE!), before signing off with “finally, I’m in a rap feud”.

It goes without saying that we hope this little slap fight continues, mainly to see what Kimmel’s non-verbal response might be. You see, Kanye is dealing with one of the most powerful pranksters in the world (don’t believe me? Check out what Kimmel did to his BFF Adam Carolla many years back). Also, Kimmel’s sidekick, Cousin Sal, was responsible for one of the greatest celebrity pranks in recent memory. Lord knows what Kimmel and Sal could pull off with their resources and ingenuity.

Of course, Kimmel could still just be trolling all of us (and, yes, we are inserting this disclaimer on everything Kimmel-related from here on out).