Last night, the Los Angeles Dodgers faced the San Francisco Giants for the final time this season. Immediately following the game, Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson headed straight for the section of seats beside the Giants dugout to air some grievances with San Fran’s team president, Larry Baer.

It was a very heated and animated discussion between Baer and Wilson, who pitched for the Giants from 2006-2012, and while neither party has revealed what was talked about, those nearby say that Wilson is steamed that he has yet to receive his 2012 World Series ring from his former team.

It was a pretty bizarre incident, especially when you consider the fact that the Giants not only reportedly invited Wilson to the team ring ceremony they had earlier this year, but also have been trying to organize a mini-ceremony for Wilson all season. But, after his meltdown last night, the Giants decided to just send the ring to the Dodgers clubhouse with instructions to deliver it to Wilson.

Wilson has long been known for being a little wacky, but even this was a little much for him.