Milwaukee Bucks rookie Giannis Adetokunbo is only 18 years old, but the young man stands above most NBA players (at least in terms of wingspan). Giannis recently posted a video to his Instagram which FTW found and it shows the newbie dunking without jumping, and he is only 6-9. Think about it.

Draft Express explains:

Adetokunbo stands out first and foremost thanks to the tremendous physical profile he brings to the table, reminding somewhat of a Nicolas Batum or Thabo Sefolosha on first glance. He has great size at 6-9, 196 pounds, to go along with a developed upper body and an overall terrific frame that should fill out considerably in time. His wingspan has reportedly been measured at 7-3, but perhaps most interesting is the size of his hands, as he’s able to palm the ball like a grapefruit which helps him out considerably as a passer, ball-handler and finisher.

Exceptionally smooth and fluid, Adetokunbo still hasn’t reached his full potential as an athlete, which makes sense if you consider he turned 18 three months ago and has grown 8 cm (a little over three inches) in the past ten months—and still might not be done growing. He’s still working on his balance on the defensive end, and isn’t an incredibly explosive leaper—something that could change as his lower body strength improves.