There’s the birthday boy, Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie, surrounded by a bunch of Washington D.C. strippers for his 34th b-day celebration.  The party got out of hand, however, as a stripper named “Sweet Pea” allegedly hit receiver Jacoby Jones with a bottle.  Doesn’t sound so sweat to us.

Jones and McKinnie pre-fight.
Jones and McKinnie pre-fight.

According to TMZ:

It happened after a night of partying in Washington D.C. celebrating Bryant McKinnie’s birthday.

Sources at the scene tell us … at about 3 AM, as people were leaving Opera Ultra Lounge, people on the bus began fighting.  In addition to teammates, we’re told at least one stripper was on board.

One eyewitness tells us he saw a bottle being swung at Jacoby Jones — it connected with his head and hurt him.  We’re told an ambulance was called “for a bleeding male” but he was not taken to the hospital.Our sources say a stripper named Sweet Pea is the one who hit Jacoby with a gigantic Ace of Spades bottle and this may have triggered the brawl.  We’re told the bottle smashed over his head and he was “bleeding everywhere.”We’re told Jacoby’s friends tried to retaliate against Sweet Pea but Bryant McKinnie tried to stop him, and a fight broke out between the friend and Bryant.

Jones is reportedly alright, and was able to participate in Monday’s team activities.  Sweet Pea is the blonde in the photo with McKinnie, and here she is holding what apparently are her weapons of choice:


Coach Harbaugh was not thrilled to learn of any of early Monday morning’s events, nor did some players want to be associated with the party.  Ravens cornerback Fred Smoot sent out this message on Reddit today:


This is bad publicity for the defending Super Bowl champions, but luckily no one was seriously injured.  We look forward to further developments regarding Sweet Pea and her act of violence.