Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson actually had a part of his left ring finger severed during Sunday’s game against New Orleans and he Tweeted it out on Monday night for all to see.

Johnson doesn’t remember exactly how it happened, but he mentioned that his hand felt numb after helping bring down Darren Sproles on a running play. When he saw blood coming out of his glove, he went to the sidelines and trainers cut off the glove.

Rashad’s hand came out, but the tip of his finger above the knuckle did not. Doctors were able to shave down the exposed bone and there are no plans to reattach the finger.

As if this isn’t already a strange enough predicament, Johnson said he actually plans to play in Arizona’s upcoming game next sunday versus Tampa Bay. It’s not 100% though and the team will evaluate how he’s feeling come game time, but this isn’t the first time a Cardinals player has been hit with an unlikely injury and returned before expected.

Either way, flipping the bird with his left hand just won’t have the same effect anymore.

Here is the play in question that cost Rashad part of his digit. Note: look at the right side (#26).