Brendan Shanahan’s Sunday night just got a lot busier.

The NHL’s police chief will have his hands full tonight as he decides who needs to be suspended after the Sabres and Maple Leafs engaged in some extra curricular activity during a preseason rendezvous at The Air Canada Centre.

Things got testy when Buffalo’s resident goon, John Scott, decided to break “the code” by jumping Toronto star Phil Kessel.

Instead of keeping his cool and turtling up, Kessel threw a tantrum like an absolute crazy person.

Kessel was caught off guard by Scott and gave the Sabres’ goon the ol’ two hand right on the leg. Things escalated from there and a line brawl commenced.

During the fracas Toronto’s David Clarkson left the bench to come to the aide of his teammate which is going to delay his debut for the Maple Leafs, as leaving the bench to join a fight is an automatic 10 game ban.

If that wasn’t enough, the goaltenders also decided to join the muck as Buffalo’s Ryan Miller and Toronto’s Jonathan Bernier squared up at center ice.

Update: The Sabres were mad after Corey Tropp was beat up by Jamie Devane in an earlier fight. Toronto claims Tropp instigated the fight.