Most teams use the month of September to get a good look at their rookies, but the San Francisco Giants maybe received too intimate a view of their young players. There is the time-honored tradition of Major League teams to have their rookies play dress up to entertain the veterans. Well on Thursday it was the day of reckoning for the San Francisco rookies. They were in New York playing the Mets so the rookies were asked to dress up like a NYC icon, The Naked Cowboy. For those not familiar, The Naked Cowboy is a man who strips down to only his underwear, cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat then plays his guitar for tourists in Times Square. Giants rookies Juan Perez, Nick Noonan, Roger Kieschnick, Johnny Monell, Ehire Adrianza, Mike Kickham, Jake Dunning and Heath Hembree participated in the naked hazing. One player dressed as a naked Indian making it look like a Village People reunion.