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Do Not Watch This Tim Burton-ish Chipotle Ad Before Going To Bed

Halloween is just around the corner and the most chilling horror movie of the season may end up being a Chipotle advertisement. Calling it an advertisement seems unfair since it is clear a ton of artists put a lot of work into making it, and their message gets across loud and clear.

The ad features Fiona Apple covering “Pure Imagination” from¬†Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and some dystopian animation from the geniuses at MOONBOT Studios.

The ad is really just a stirring short film slamming factory farming and trying to establish Chipotle as the class of fast food. It certainly gets a point across and is incredibly chilling, especially by commercial standards, so I guess props are in order for everyone involved.

Chipotle doesn’t run TV ads, so the company hopes that this 3+ minute commercial is going to make the rounds around the Internet. Whether or not this commercial makes a difference in the war against unethical food cultivation remains to be seen, but what is obvious is that Chipotle is ready to take a stand and piss people off.


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