If you were thinking that all you would need in order to attend Super Bowl XLVIII was some ear muffs and mittens, you had better add a whole lot of cash to your list. The 2014 Super Bowl will be held in New Jersey, but it certainly has New York City prices. The NFL is about to approve a mighty price hike for the first Super Bowl held in a non-dome or warm weather stadium. Reports are that club-level seats in the mezzanine with access to indoor restaurants in MetLife Stadium are going to set you back a cool $2,600, that’s more than double the hefty $1,250 price tag from last year’s game in New Orleans. The next level of tickets for seats in the lower bowl would run approximately $1,500, up from $950 for the second-tier seats sold in New Orleans. The cheapest tickets are a bargain at $500, actually lower than $600 last season. Of the 77,500 tickets available 39% will have a face value under $1,000. So unless you’ve got one of Walter White’s barrels, looks like you’ll be left out in the cold.