AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

The story of NFL receiver Brandon Lloyd is quickly becoming more and more strange by the day. The former Patriots, Rams, and Broncos receiver has reportedly turned down offers from at least NFL teams requesting his services this season. He’s still got the ability – he’s only 32-years old and led the NFL in receiving yards just a couple of seasons ago – so why is he choosing to stay off the field?

Well, it might because he wants to pursue a career in acting.

According to a report from the Republican,  Lloyd is set to appear in a zombie movie called “After Effect” with Daniel Baldwin that is scheduled to be released direct-to-DVD. According to the story, Lloyd is cast as Sargent Chuck Lloyd.

According to IMDB, the movie is about a group of college students who sign up for a research study, only later to find out that they’ve unknowingly volunteered their bodies for an ongoing military experiment.

So, like I said, pretty strange story. It’s not every day that you hear someone turn down big NFL bucks to star in a low-budget, straight-to-DVD zombie film. It’s too bad, the Patriots could certainly use his services right about now…Tom Brady might as well be throwing to a bunch of cardboard cutouts.