With all the fishiness going on the viral world lately, we are hoping this wasn’t entirely staged. Even if that ends up being the case, it wouldn’t be a total bummer, for two reasons: 1) this is friggin’ awesome, and 2) we appreciate the incredible amount of labor that obviously went into the project. A YouTuber named Little Johnny, along with a handful of his Kiwi pals, retrofitted their friend Russ’ house with beer kegs, so that every faucet — sinks, shower, bathtub — would spew a cold beer instead of tap water.

They even installed cameras to capture Russ and his wife’s reaction to the prank, although we do agree that Russ appears to be a little too cool with the whole beer-flowing-out-of-the-kitchen-sink thing. Can’t blame him, we’d probably warm to the idea pretty quick. Perhaps on a Sunday during NFL season?

The full version is included in this post. A shorter, edited version can be found here.