Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow may be playing football for Mother Russia?

How do you say “Tebow Time” in Russian?

Pro Football Talk:

Mikhail Zaltsman, the owner of one of those teams, the Moscow Black Storm, told the state-owned Russia Beyond the Headlines that he wants Tebow. Zaltsman believes that if Tebow shows up in time to play in the semifinal of the American Football Championship of Russia on September 28, Tebow can lead the team to a victory in the semifinal (against the Moscow Patriots) and then win again in the championship game. Zaltsman claims he personally spoke with Tebow, offered him more money than he would have made for playing a full season for the New England Patriots, and that Tebow wants to do it.

“We have offered him $1 million for two games,” Zaltsman told Russia Beyond the Headlines. “I talked with him personally and he wanted to go.

Looks like Tebow’s agent and probably Timmy himself are holding out hopes for a return to the NFL.

Sh*t, Jacksonville didn’t even want him…..doesn’t look good for the “chosen one”.