In four days the Miley Cyrus music video “Wrecking Ball” has nearly 75 million views, and set a record for the most-viewed video on Vevo with 12.3 million views in 24 hours. The demolition man’s porno featuring a very naked Miley Cyrus knocking down walls, licking hammers and sensually humping wrecking balls is squarely set in the public eye, which means parodies are coming. The top video might be the most disturbing, intriguing thing you will see this week. The parody makes the sexy video even sexier by with Miley having a face/off with overacting Nicolas Cage. The next video as seen below puts an emphasis on Miley’s extraordinary singing voice by replacing some of her sweet serenades with screaming goats, I personally did not hear a difference. So which is your favorite “Wrecking Ball” parody the warbling goat version or the unsettling Nic Cage video?