The ’12th MAN’ in Seattle refers to the Seahawks loyal fans, and if this video is any indication they are also a very smart bunch. Check out the video of a few die hard Seahawks fans decide that a 12th MAN flag needs to be in space, and they made it so. Chris Peterson, Brent Savell and Ryan Schutt are the Seahawks’ fans who ‘got bored one day’ and filled a weather balloon with some helium and then of course they affixed it to a parachute.

Geek Wire explains the rest:

Then, they hooked up a GoPro camera and the 12th Man flag to a styrofoam cooler in case the whole thing landed in the water. Finally, they strapped on a Pocketfinder GPS locator so they could track the flag and find it when it came back to earth.

After everything was put together, they let go as the flag quickly flew up into the stratosphere. Eventually it reached 90,000 feet before the balloon popped. Peterson told that it took four hours to drive from the launch location to where it finally landed.

The guys captured the whole process on video, which you can see above.

Now, that is dedication.